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Basic RiderCourseSM

This course offers a five hour self-paced online course follow by 11 hours of riding instruction based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum ($339).

Are you not sure if motorcycle riding is for you? Do you want some advance preparation for the Basic Rider Course? Then check out our Headstart course or our Individual Novice Course Level 1 (INC-1).

This course is specifically designed for the novice/beginner rider. Basic Rider Course Students learn about components and controls of a motorcycle, riding gear and preparing for the ride. The risk of riding and managing that risk are studied in depth to better prepare the student for "real life" riding. Strategies are investigated that will prepare each student for riding on the street in traffic. Whether you want to learn to ride for pleasure or basic low-cost transportation or both, this course is perfect for you.

Many students are returning riders. They rode a motorcycle in their youth, but haven't ridden in years. This is a perfect reintroduction to riding. Experienced riders can break bad habits and gain new skills.

Graduating students receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation completion certificate and a Virginia Class "M2" endorsement (motorcycle license). Here's some more information about obtaining your Class "M2" endorsement in Virginia and Washington, DC.

We offer both weekday and weekend classes throughout the year. Class sizes are typically 10 students facilitated by two professional coaches.

Each Basic RiderCourse student must complete a five-hour on line session. Upon completion of the online portion students must download and print their completin certificate. Students must bring their completion certificate to the first riding session.

Weekday class format is typically (times are approximate):

  • Day one: Riding 8:00 to 1:30 pm
  • Day two: Riding & Testing 8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Weekend classes format is typically (times are approximate):

  • Morning Classes:
    • Day one: Riding 7:30 to 1:00 pm
    • Day two: Riding & Testing 7:30 am to 1:00 pm
  • Afternoon Classes:
    • Day one: Riding 12:00 to 5:30 pm
    • Day two: Riding & Testing 12:00 to 5:30 pm

We conduct two separate classes on weekends. One in the morning on Saturday and Sunday and one in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.

Available Classes

To see more detail and register for a class, just click on the Class Name.

No.Class NameStart DateSeats
23017WD BRC Th,F - eP6/1/2023Filled
23160WE BRC S,S eP6/3/2023Filled
23117WE BRC S,S - AM6/3/2023Filled
23163WE BRC S,S - PM6/3/2023Filled
23018WD BRC Th,F - eP6/8/2023Filled
23066Individual BRC6/8/2023Filled
23192WE BRC S,S eP6/10/2023Filled
23118WE BRC S,S - AM6/10/2023Filled
23164WE BRC S,S - PM6/10/2023Filled
23060WD BRC M,Tu - eP6/12/2023Filled
23019WD BRC Th,F - eP6/15/2023Filled
23630WE BRC S,S eP6/17/2023Filled
23119WE BRC S,S - AM6/17/2023Filled
23165WE BRC S,S - PM6/17/2023Filled
23020WD BRC Th,F - eP6/22/2023Filled
23631WE BRC S,S eP6/24/2023Filled
23120WE BRC S,S - AM6/24/2023Filled
23166WE BRC S,S - PM6/24/2023Filled
23061WD BRC M,Tu - eP6/26/2023Filled
23021WD BRC Th,F - eP6/29/2023Filled
23632WE BRC S,S eP7/1/2023Filled
23121WE BRC S,S - AM7/1/2023Filled
23167WE BRC S,S - PM7/1/2023Filled
23062WD BRC M,Tu - eP7/3/20233
23022WD BRC Th,F - eP7/6/20238
23633WE BRC S,S eP7/8/2023Filled
23122WE BRC S,S - AM7/8/20234
23168WE BRC S,S - PM7/8/20232
23063WD BRC Tu,W - eP7/11/20238
23023WD BRC Th,F - eP7/13/202310
23634WE BRC S,S eP7/15/20234
23123WE BRC S,S - AM7/15/20237
23169WE BRC S,S - PM7/15/202310
23064WD BRC M,Tu - eP7/17/20239
23024WD BRC Th,F - eP7/20/202310
23635WE BRC S,S eP7/22/20236
23124WE BRC S,S - AM7/22/20239
23170WE BRC S,S - PM7/22/202310
23025WD BRC Th,F - eP7/27/202310
23636WE BRC S,S eP7/29/20236
23125WE BRC S,S - AM7/29/202310
23171WE BRC S,S - PM7/29/202310
23026WD BRC Th,F - eP8/3/202310
23637WE BRC S,S eP8/5/20236
23126WE BRC S,S - AM8/5/20238
23172WE BRC S,S - PM8/5/202310
23027WD BRC Th,F - eP8/10/202310
23638WE BRC S,S eP8/12/20236
23127WE BRC S,S - AM8/12/202310
23173WE BRC S,S - PM8/12/202310
23028WD BRC Th,F - eP8/17/202310
23639WE BRC S,S eP8/19/20236
23128WE BRC S,S - AM8/19/202310
23174WE BRC S,S - PM8/19/202310
23029WD BRC Th,F - eP8/24/202310
23640WE BRC S,S eP8/26/20236
23129WE BRC S,S - AM8/26/202310
23175WE BRC S,S - PM8/26/202310
23030WD BRC Th,F - eP8/31/202310
23641WE BRC S,S eP9/2/20236
23130WE BRC S,S - AM9/2/202310
23176WE BRC S,S - PM9/2/202310
23031WD BRC Th,F - eP9/7/202310
23642WE BRC S,S eP9/9/20236
23131WE BRC S,S - AM9/9/202310
23177WE BRC S,S - PM9/9/202310
23032WD BRC Th,F - eP9/14/202310
23643WE BRC S,S eP9/16/20236
23132WE BRC S,S - AM9/16/202310
4101WE BRC S,S - PM9/16/202310
23033WD BRC Th,F - eP9/21/202310
23644WE BRC S,S eP9/23/20236
23133WE BRC S,S - AM9/23/202310
23178WE BRC S,S - PM9/23/202310
23034WD BRC Th,F - eP9/28/202310
23645WE BRC S,S eP9/30/20236
23134WE BRC S,S - AM9/30/202310
23179WE BRC S,S - PM9/30/202310