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MRC On-Road Training

Our new On-Road Course has been under development for the better part of a year, but it’s been in our hearts for a long, long time.
NOW IT'S ARRIVED! On-Road Training

Many of our newly licensed students tell us that they just bought a new (or new to them) motorcycle, had it delivered to their home and are now unsure about riding it on the streets safely. In the past we could only encourage them to drive their car to our campus so we could train with them. Actually, that’s not a bad thing because the training they receive after licensing at our main campus helps build confidence and skills that will serve them well on the road. BUT … and that’s a big BUT, there are situations on the roadways that we can guide them through to build their comfort level and, thus, their confidence.

On-Road Training MRC’s On-Road courses are individual sessions. That is, just you, your motorcycle and our instructor for two hours on the road. What could be better than that? We’ll tell you what could be better than that - Our instructor comes to you! You don’t even have to throw your leg over your new bike until we get there. (Click on the map below) We’ll help you with the pre-ride inspection of your new joy, answer any questions you have before we ride, thoroughly brief you on what to expect and the route we’ll be riding. Oh! The route – that’s really important. We develop the route just for you and only you. We start and end at your place. That might be your home or maybe it’s a storage unit. As we ride the route, we’ll stop along the way to discuss what we’ve just experienced and answer any questions you have about that. You and your instructor will be wearing high visibility vests so you can keep track of each other, and you’ll communicate via an earpiece in your helmet. On-Road Training

We schedule the class to fit your availability. If you’re interested in the Individual Novice Course Level 1 give us a call to discuss your options at 703.491.9102 or click here to leave us a message.