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MRC On-Road Training - Level 1

All MRC On-Road Training courses are individual courses.

Coach and student communicate through FRS radios with in-helmet speaker & microphone.

Level 1 typically includes neighborhood streets/avenues/boulevards (15-25 mph speed limits). Neighborhood streets typically are narrow and unmarked with parking allowed on one or both sides and driveways leading to the street. Two-way and all-way stops are common.

Level 1 routes should require:

  • riding on typical neighborhood streets
  • starts, stops, turns (left & right) from a stop and turns while rolling.
  • searching for and finding potential threats.
  • speeds should suitable for the environment. Where appropriate, speeds up to 25 mph should be achieved.

Level 1 activities should include:

  • riding on typical neighborhood streets at proper speeds.
  • starting smoothly from a stop
  • stops smoothly at stop signs (slow or stop at yield signs if present)
  • turns from a stop – both directions.
  • turns while rolling – both directions.
  • search for potential threats coming from driveways, yards and intersecting streets.
  • speeds should be commensurate with visibility, on street parking and individual/community outdoor activities. Where appropriate, speeds up to 25 mph should be achieved.