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Our Courses

We offer a variety of courses that are suited for the novice, intermediate and expert rider. If you have never ridden a motorcycle before… we can help! If you used to ride, but haven't in several years… we can help! If you are a regular rider and want to add to your skill set… we can help! If you want a one-on-one experience with a professional trainer… we can help! The bottom line: …whatever your motorcycle rider training needs… we can help!

Beginner Rider Training 
Beginner Rider Training Close

Tuition Fees for Beginning Training Classes:

  • Headstart $95
  • Individual Novice Course Level 1 $170
  • Basic Rider Course $349

As a beginner you’ll want to make sure you start with the right rider training course for your learning style. That is:

  • If you’re a quick learner and pick up new physical skills easilly and can learn in a relatively fast paced environment, then the Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC) is where you can start.
  • If you’re anxious about learning to ride and want to get a feel for what it’s like, then our Headstart course is a good choice. That will help prepare you for the BRC.
  • If you need some time to learn at your own pace without the distraction of other students at different learning levels and styles, we recommend the Individual Novice Course Level 1 (INC-1). When you’ve finish that session, you can discuss the next step with your private coach. You may want more than one INC-1 or you may be ready for the BRC.

Novice Rider Training 
Novice Rider Training Close
  • Headstart $95
  • Individual Novice Course Level 1 $170
  • Basic Rider Course $349
  • Individual Novice Course Level 2 $195

If you want to learn to ride or already ride and want to get your Virginia Class "M2" Endorsement then the Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC) is the right place to start. This course is geared to the beginner, but also offers plenty of information and skill development for the experienced rider looking to improve their riding abilities. The Basic RiderCourse will prepare you for the street. Take a look at our BRC Highlight Reel.

If you've never ridden before or are wondering if motorcycle riding is for you, then take advantage of our Headstart course. Headstart lets you find out if motorcycling is for you. Or the experience will give you a leg up before starting the Basic RiderCourse. Either way it will definitely be worth an hour and a half of your time.

We also offer two Individual Novice Courses as private sessions. We recommend the Individual Novice Course Level 1 (INC-1) for students who need or prefer one-on-one training with a professional or who have specific needs that might not be addressed in the standard Headstart course.

For students who have successfully completed the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) and want some one-one-one attention before heading out on the street or licensed riders who need some touch up to improve basic skills, the Individual Novice Course Level 2 (INC-2) is perfect.

Either Individual Novice course will be tailored to your needs after an initial interview and riding assessment. If you're are interested in one of our Individual Novice courses give us a call to discuss your options at 703.491.9102 or click here to leave us a message. We can schedule the class to fit your availability.

If you plan to buy a scooter and wish to learn on one of our scooters in any Novice course, just indicate that during registration. If you wish, you may also bring your own scooter or we'll come pick it up for you for a nominal fee.

High Novice Training 
High Novice Training Close

Tuition Fees for High Novice Training Classes:

  • Basic Rider Course 2 - License Waiver $260

No matter how well they did in the Basic Rider Course, many of our students want more time practicing before hitting the road.

Also, some of our students come to us with some riding experience. Their experience could be from riding off-road (dirt bikes) or maybe they been riding a while without a license. Or, they might be coming from another country where they rode and had a license.

The Basic Rider Course 2 - License Waiver will answer all of these needs.

Intermediate Rider Training 
Intermediate Rider Training Close

Tuition Fees for Intermediate Training Classes:

  • Seat Time $170
  • Individual Intermediate Course $245
  • Intermediate Rider Course $245

This just might be the most valuable two hours you will spend in a long time. The Seat Time course is just that - "Seat Time." You're on a motorcycle - yours or ours. You are under the watchful eye of a professional. You rediscover the basics and add to them. You challenge yourself to try new techniques and improve on the skills you already have. Seat Time is the perfect tune-up.

The Intermediate Rider Course (IRC) is for licensed riders who already have novice (basic) riding skills and have ridden 500 to 1,000 miles since licensing. This four-hour course is designed challenge riders in slow manuevers that will translate to street riding. It is also an excellent annual refresher course for practicing and renewing riding skills. There is an informal classroom component during and between riding exercises to introduce and reinforce the addressed skills.

The Individual Intermediate Course (IIC) is a two hour one-on-one private lesson. The curriculum is created just for you to work on just what you want. Some of our students have taken the Basic RiderCourse and feel they need more individual attention. This is the perfect solution. This is intended for licensed riders who still need some work on the basics, but have enough riding experience to perform some of the basic motorcycle maneuvers somewhat proficiently. You may choose to ride your own motorcycle after a safety review. If you're are interested in the IIC give a call to discuss your options at 703.491.9102. We can schedule the class to fit your availability.

If you plan to buy a scooter and wish to learn on one of our scooters in any Intermediate course, just indicate that during registration. If you wish, you may also bring your own scooter or we'll come pick it up for you for a nominal fee.

Advanced Rider Training 
Advanced Rider Training Close

Tuition Fees for Advanced Training Classes:

  • Skills Camp $920
  • Advance Skills Course $320
  • Individual Skills (Advanced) Course $320

Have you ever seen a motorcycle police officer riding so confidently, so expertly and envied their skills? That motorman may have many years of experience riding on duty and certainly that adds to their skill set. But, they probably started at a skill level similar to yours. Do you want to become an expert? The three-day Skills Camp was designed by motorcycle police officers using techniques and drills used to train motor officers. Three days of motorcycle training. What more could you ask for?

Have you ridden a motorcycle for a few, or many, years? Either way we have your next step. Don't stop learning. Don't stop challenging yourself to improve your skill level. If you have a day to devote to motorcycling that day should be spent in the Advanced Skills Course. This is a demanding course - both mentally and physically. It will take you to the next level. This is one of those experiences you can't pass up. Many of our students take this course every year to maintain their skills.

Did you not see what you're looking for? Are you are not satisfied with your riding abilities and want to improve them, but want a special one-on-one experience? Our Individual Skills Course is a good fit for you. One of our professional instructors will tailor a class just for you. You'll experience three hours working on exactly what you need - no more - no less. This is your perfect opportunity to get the training you want and need one-on-one. It doesn't get any more personal than this.

Individual (Private) Training 
Individual (Private) Training Close

Tuition Fees for Individual (Private) Training Classes:

  • Individual Novice Course Level 1 $170
  • Individual Novice Course Level 2 $195
  • Individual Intermediate Course $245
  • Individual Skills (Advanced) Course $320

We offer private training sessions for all levels: Novice (INC-1 or INC-2), Intermediate (IIC) and Advanced (Individual Skills Course - Advanced (ISC). The curriculum for all individual courses is developed just for you. You will get to work on what you want to work on for the entire session. Individual training is available on weekdays and weekends all year long. We will find a date and time that will fit your schedule.

Prior to the scheduled class you will be complete a questionnaire or be interviewed by one of our professional instructors to determine your needs and desires. Novice classes may be conducted on one of our smaller training motorcycles (250cc) or on one of our scooters (50cc/150cc). Intermediate and Advanced classes can be conducted on one of our training motorcycles or scooter, one of our Harley-Davidson Police Road Kings, one of our H-D Street 500s or your motorcycle or scooter.

MRC On-Road Training 
MRC On-Road Training Close

Tuition Fees for MRC On-Road Training Classes:

  • Level 1 $245 to $320
  • Level 2 $285 to $360

MRC currently offers two On-Road courses: Level 1 and Level 2. As you might suspect the Level 1 course is the beginning and concentrates on more basic on-road challenges and skills. Level 2 will take you to the next level of challenge and concentrate on the skills needed there.