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Students Talk Back!

Motorcycle class students praise Motorcycle Riding Concepts Basic Rider Course.

On Memorial Day weekend, I participated in the Ride of the Patriots and in Rolling Thunder. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever participated in, and I'm going to do it again, every chance I get. I wanted to thank you for your part in my being able to experience that. I don't want to thank you for teaching me to ride... anyone could have done that. Thank you instead for teaching me to ride well, ride responsibly, and to ride safely. HOW you taught me to ride was what gave me the confidence to ride as often as I do, and the confidence to ride in a large group. — Rich A.

MRC is awesome. They were very well organized and quite entertaining. They taught me how to be safe on my motorcycle and when I did dump it I was able to recover safely. All the instructors love what they do and it shows. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to ride! — Jeannine S.

Thanks for the opportunity to share what a great experience I had. My goal was to learn how to ride a bike so I can say I’m able to ride a motorcycle. Instead, I realized how much I enjoyed riding and intend to become a regular. The classroom time was helpful in preparing for my time on the range, but the emphasis of SEE has really stuck with me. I realized how much I take driving for granted and the class gave me a new appreciation for defensive driving and awareness. Mark and John along with the people from Patriot made the experience very comfortable. I’d like to thank everyone who took their time to welcome me and sharing their area of expertise. I don’t know if there are areas for improvement. I got more out of the class than I imagined. The only question I had when we were done was how I would be able to handle a full sized bike. I hope to rent one to see what would be best for me. I would rate you a solid 10. Mark and John did all they could to instruct and encourage everyone to excel. I felt challenged throughout. — Bob C.

When I showed up that Friday I had no idea how to ride. By Sunday I felt very confident in what I learned and was thinking about what kind of bike I wanted to buy. I'm hoping to take one of their advanced level courses this summer or fall. These folks know their stuff and I would recommend them to anyone interested in learning how to ride. If you're new to riding, you'd be crazy not to take one of their courses. — Rusty S.

The motorcycle class instruction was so clear and so comprehensive that it actually made me a better driver of motor vehicles. I really appreciated the emphasis on safety, and I was grateful to have such an experienced instructor, and to also have a female instructor to help me feel less intimidated in a predominantly male-dominated class and sport. I felt encouraged, motivated and mentored the entire time. — Bobcat

Near one-on-one instruction. Positive reinforcement. Caught my mistakes and gave me methods to improve. — Pat J.

Instructors took time to explain individual weaknesses. The open track courses at the end were helpful. Some I could not do but was allowed to spend more time on the course that was closer to my level of need. — Joyce D.

I had a great time. the class was very helpful. the only trying i had was when i was 15 years old thats was when i started racing motor cross . and thats how i drove on the highway yes i learned a lot you only had one mean guy on the staff i have a lot of respect for that man that wood be carl. i have bin riding for a long time.bin very lucky i have had no serious accidents.please tell carl he taught me that i have a lot to learn. carl gave me a new respect for being safer and less cocky. he may have very well saved my life .so carl thank you. i really want to take a more advanced class. you guys are the only people i wood recommend. thank you thank you. keep the clean side up. — Ben G.

The patience, understanding and humor was outstanding. The professionalism and cool down rides came at the right times. I didn't want to go to lunch so we could ride more. Thanks for the fun weekend. — Nicole L.

Its very hard to mention all the highlights the whole time was great . I am 45 yrs old and have never ridden a bike before so I think it took a lot out of the Karl and Rick to teach me but also keep the others engaged but they did fantastic and had a great deal of patience with me I loved everything about it and will be back for an advanced class in the future . I think there is nothing needed to improve the class maybe students could be able to pick up the book 1 week before the class starts that would be great it was a def 10 out of 10 for the rating and I will recommend you highly to others thank you — Petra M.

The training was perfect. Went over some of the basics, but Jeff started me out at just the right level. Courses that were just beyond my comfort level that I couldn't do (and didn't think I could do), but that, after some instruction and re-engaging muscle memory and practice, could do all the skills courses perfectly. Honestly, I was amazed to see the progress from start to finish. I didn't think I would get there. So that's a testament to Jeff and his assessment/constant adjustments to my skill level. Great, great job. I'd definitely take another course from him. 1) What were the highlights of your training? Instructor competence, patience, adaptability to my skill level. The beauty of the individualized course = not having to deal with others. 2) Where can we improve? Can't think of anything I would change. 3) Please rate us 1-10. I'd rate you at a 10 — Jen C.

The instructors, Dan and Chris were great. They delivered 100% from start to finish. They were upbeat and energetic and made it a fun experience. I was so impressed with how truly invested they were in our success; our achievements were their achievements. I was equally impressed with their commitment to motorcycle safety, not only with us, but in their daily life. I knew I was in good hands. — Audrey W.

Now that I have completed the course, I will be looking for the perfect first bike. Of course, my 17 year old son is also very eager for me to get a bike. I think the best compliment I can pay MRC, Rick and Chris, is that I will send my son through the course before he gets on any bike. I think overall rating of the course would be 9. There’s always room for improvement (but not much in this case). — Jon B.

Best part of the class was being able to learn from people that ride for a living. I've put over 1k miles on my bike since I finished the class and I couldn't be happier that I took the class. From someone that had never ridden a motorcycle, or even driven a manual car, I wouldn't have been able to ride as confidently as I am. Frankly, I don't know how new riders could even ride around NOVA without taking a class like this one. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give you guys a 10. I'm definitely interested in taking an advanced class once I have some more miles. — Steve B.

I rate you a 10+ You could improve….ummm, the candy was stale???...but I was thankful to even have it J My highlights/favorite: The laughs and fun we had. The positive atmosphere! The fact that they believed in and encouraged us. The way the course built steadily on each activity. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!. — Ginger S

I definitely rate this class a 10. It covered so much material in such a short time period. And, the instructors took time to make sure everyone understood the material, and felt comfortable on their motorcycles. Great mentoring, again, by both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Harris. I would enjoy being able to learn more under either gentlemen, when I might find the need to do so. Thank you for providing this course. It surpassed my expectations, as within a week, I have now been able to take my first motorcycle ride. It was thrilling! And, I realized how much the course helped me to be aware of cars at intersections, an oncoming car making a left turn, and to watch cars coming up from behind while stopped at a red light. I really used all of my training. Thank you so much! I love my new Harley, and I love being able to ride safely, and confidently. — Theresa

The Basic Skills Course was fantastic. It was conducted with the utmost professionalism, mixed with ample humor and a relaxed environment. The instructors were as good as I could have imagined and then some. They displayed patience, overflowing knowledge and a true desire to teach the students. The lessons learned from my weekend with MRC were instantly applicable and helped me feel more confident and able on a motorcycle. I would recommend MRC to anyone, at any experience level, seeking to improve their abilities on a motorcycle. — Blair