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We encourage students to arrive early or on time. For the Basic RiderCourse, Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP) mandates a student CANNOT miss any portion of classroom or range instruction. If a student is tardy and arrives after instruction has started, we can not accept the student and tuition is forfeited.

For the Basic RiderCourse, VRTP mandates a student must be present for ALL portions of classroom and range. Full attendance for all instruction is required. If a student misses any instruction they cannot be allowed to continue. The student is not eligible for a refund or reschedule. The student can choose to retake the course - we offer the returning student 10% off at re-registration.

Student Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • CANCELLATIONS OR REQUESTS FOR REFUND must be made no less than 7 days prior to the start of class, otherwise refund cannot be made. Eligible refunds have a processing fee of $50.
  • RESCHEDULE. Requests for rescheduling must be made 72 hours prior to class start by calling 703.491.9102. A processing fee of $50 at the time of rescheduling will apply.
  • NON-TRANSFERABLE. Registrations are non-transferable.
  • NO SHOWS without notice will forfeit their tuition fee.

MRC Cancellation or Rescheduling
MRC reserves the right to reschedule students in cases of severe weather or other unforeseen events causing the cancellation of a class.

Failing Basic RiderCourse Testing
The Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP) mandates that a failure of any portion of the testing procedure will require the student to retake the entire class. Exception to the state policy cannot be granted. We offer returning students 10% off of future registration fees.

Inclement Weather
We ride in nearly all weather conditions. Classes may be rescheduled for student safety at the discretion of the instructors due to severe weather conditions. We DO NOT cancel classes for heat, cold or rain. Plan for weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing.

Student Safety, Riding Gear and Conduct
Students are expected to be in proper riding gear/clothing and equipment per instructions provided. An instructor, at their discretion, can immediately dismiss any unsafe or reckless student that is deemed to be a hazard to themselves or others. If the student is operating the motorcycle in a deliberately reckless or unsafe manner the student will be fully liable for any damage incurred during the incident. All students are required to be civil and cooperative. If a student is disruptive, hostile or disrespectful, they will be dismissed. Dismissal for improper gear, tardiness, incompletion, safety or behavior does not entitle a student to a refund or rescheduling discount.